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Pelikanplatz, Zurich, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
0.57 mi from Zurich
Kaufleuten is Zurich’s most famous night club. Club nights are taking on a new direction recently, with a focus on deep and minimal house sounds.
Stauffacherstrasse 60, Zurich, Zurich 8004, Switzerland
1.00 mi from Zurich
Essential local culture spot for live music and alternative performing arts, showcasing established and upcoming names, both local and international.
Hardstrasse 245, Zurich, Zurich 8005, Switzerland
1.74 mi from Zurich
The Exil offers both clubbing nights and live concerts, with a focus on Swiss performers. Co-founder Nik Bärtschi plays here regularly with his own band.
Schiffbauplatz, Zurich, Zurich 8005, Switzerland
1.73 mi from Zurich
Moods in the Schiffbau is the synonym for great live concerts and parties for countless visitors from Switzerland and abroad.
Hardstrasse 219, Zurich, Zurich 8005, Switzerland
1.86 mi from Zurich
A popular music and arts venue featuring its own theatre, event hall, club and restaurant.
Kalanderplatz 6, Zurich, Zurich 8045, Switzerland
1.85 mi from Zurich
Papiersaal has an intimate concert setting with upcoming folk and indie acts.
Hohlstrasse 457, Zurich, Zurich 8048, Switzerland
2.98 mi from Zurich
A multifunctional venue hosting concerts and club events, as well as conferences and private corporate events.
Zürcherstrasse 49, Wetzikon, Zurich 8620, Switzerland
17.16 mi from Zurich
Under the name HALL OF FAME EVENTS the same named ASSOCIATION organizes musical performances and concerts with national as well as international musicians/bands from the genres: Rock / Hard-Rock / Heavy Metal / Blues / Jazz / Disco / Techno / Pop.
Bolero Club
Bolero Club
Untere Vogelsangstrasse 10, Winterthur, Zurich 8400, Switzerland
15.09 mi from Zurich
Steinbergasse 16, Winterthur, Zurich 8400, Switzerland
15.46 mi from Zurich